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Baggy B Mano Meile Tau Zippy =LINK=

Baggy B Mano Meile Tau Zippy: A Lithuanian Rap Song with a Twist

If you are looking for a catchy and upbeat rap song that will make you want to dance, you might want to check out Baggy B Mano Meile Tau Zippy. This song is by Baggy B, a Lithuanian rapper who rose to fame after participating in a reality show called Kelias i zvaigzdes (Road to the Stars) in 2006. The song is about his love for a girl named Zippy, who is also his best friend. The song has a catchy chorus that goes like this:

Baggy B Mano Meile Tau Zippy

Tau mano meilė, tik tau

Mano pasaulis tik tau

Juokas ir ašaros tik tau

Neleisk, kad tai baigtųsi

Which translates to:

You are my love, only you

My world is only you

Laughter and tears only you

Dont let this end

The song has a twist at the end, when Baggy B reveals that Zippy is actually his dog. He says:

Zippy mano šuo, mano draugas

Jis visada su manimi

Jis niekada nepaliks manęs

Jis mano meilė

Which translates to:

Zippy is my dog, my friend

He is always with me

He will never leave me

He is my love

The song is a humorous and playful way of expressing Baggy Bs affection for his pet. It also shows his creativity and originality as a rapper. The song has become a viral hit in Lithuania, with over 2 million views on YouTube. It has also been featured on various websites and blogs. The song is available for download on Hulkload and SoundCloud. If you want to listen to a rap song that will make you smile and groove, give Baggy B Mano Meile Tau Zippy a try. c481cea774


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