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The men had come to work at the isolated, three-story metal silo at a time when nuclear energy was hoped to be the fuel of the future. Not far from Atomic City is Arco, famous for being the first city lit by atomic energy for one hour on July 17, 1955.

The General Assembly of the United Nations holds its very first meeting during January . The fifty-one original member states met at the Westminster Central Hall in London, England. Representatives for the member states met to discuss the procedural rules that they would follow in subsequent meetings. They also adopted their first resolution which dealt with the new issues related to atomic energy and nuclear weapons.

Located in front of the city hall. There are three A-bombed cherry trees--two on the north and one on the south sides. The present city hall was built in 1985 at the site of the former city hall (built 1928; dismantled 1985). The former city hall was also a concrete building, but everything inside was burned. It was used as a temporary first-aid station after the atomic bombing, and a part of the basement has been left as a small museum. Masuda Kiyoshi (1888-1977) who designed the former city hall also designed Taishoya kimono shop, now the city's "Rest House," where a tourist information office is located. It was built in 1929 and is one of the A-bombed buildings in Hiroshima. He also designed Honkawa Elementary School, built in 1928, a part of which has been left as a museum.

Located at the Motomachi high-rise apartment buildings near the police box. At about 30 meters, this is the tallest of all A-bomb trees. These high-rises are municipal and prefectural apartment buildings built in the 1970s, designed by Otaka Masato (1923-2010), whose teacher, Maekawa Kunio (1905-1986) was a student of Le Corbusier. You can see a strong influence of Le Corbusier on these apartment buildings. Looking east from the police box, there is a very modern building, located to the north of the castle. It is Motomachi Senior High School. The school was relocated from Nakahiro to this place in 1947, after losing 369 teachers and students in the atomic bombing. The present buildings of the high school were built in 1998 and 1999, designed by Hara Hiroshi (1936-), who also designed Kyoto Station. This is the only public school in Hiroshima that has escalators for students. The Hiroshima Army Cadet School was located at the site of the high school until the end of the war.

Located outside the moat of the castle, at the northeast corner, near Hakushima Elementary School. The tree is bent due to the atomic bombing. The Hiroshima Army Cadet School was located around here to the north of the castle, and remains of the gate's stone poles stand near the tree. Hakushima Elementary School and Motomachi Senior High School are now located on the former site of the Cadet School. The elementary school was originally located a few hundred meters to the northeast of today's location. Hundreds of students as well as the principal died in the atomic bombing. In October 1945, the elementary school resumed teaching at a temporary school building at the present location.

It is said that at the time of the atomic bombing, the large ginkgo tree at Hosenbo Temple in Teramachi prevented the collapsed temple from burning down entirely. (The head priest and three of his family members were killed, however.) The tree itself was terribly burnt but sprouted several years later. After using a temporary hall for many years, the new main hall of the temple was finally constructed in 1994. They did not want to cut the tree, so the ginkgo tree is now standing in a big hole created in the staircase that leads to the main entrance (there are openings for ventilation in the staircase, so the tree would not suffocate). It is said that the temple was originally established in Kabe, to the north of Hiroshima, in the late Kamakura period (1192-1333), but was moved to this area in the late 17th century. All the temples in Te


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