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PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8: A Powerful and Customizable Navigation Module

PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8: A Powerful and Customizable Navigation Module

If you are looking for a way to improve the navigation and usability of your PrestaShop website, you might want to check out the PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8 module. This module allows you to create any type of horizontal menu bar, from simple drop-down menus to rich mega menus with columns, images, texts, and more. You can also customize your menu bar with a rich configuration interface, without requiring any special technical knowledge.

With PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8, you can:

PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8

Download File:

  • Display unlimited number of tabs, columns, and elements in your menu bar

  • Use automatic menu generation from your catalog or add custom links, images, rich texts, and other content types

  • Manage permissions and conditional display depending on the status of your visitor (guest or customer)

  • Quickly edit the CSS style of your menu bar or use the advanced CSS editor with syntax highlighting

  • Optimize your menu bar for mobile devices with a responsive design

  • Benefit from cache management and fast execution and display of your menu bar

PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8 is compatible with PrestaShop versions from 1.7.4.x to 8.0.x and supports multiple languages[^1^] [^2^]. It is one of the most complete and popular menu modules for PrestaShop, with over 5000 downloads[^3^]. If you want to enhance your website's navigation and user experience, you should definitely give it a try!Here are some more paragraphs:

PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8 is easy to install and configure. You can download it from the PrestaShop Addons marketplace or from the Presta-Module website. Once you have installed it, you can access the module configuration page from your back office. There, you will find a user-friendly interface where you can create and edit your menu bar. You can also preview your changes in real time from the back office.

If you want to see how PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8 works in action, you can visit the showcase and video demonstration pages on the Presta-Module website. You will see examples of different types of menu bars that you can create with this module, such as simple drop-down menus, mega menus with columns and images, animated menus, and more. You will also see how the menu bar adapts to different screen sizes and devices.

PrestaShop Advanced Top Menu v1.7.8 has many advantages over other menu modules for PrestaShop. First of all, it is very flexible and customizable, allowing you to create any kind of menu bar that suits your website's design and needs. Secondly, it is very fast and efficient, thanks to its cache management and optimization features. Thirdly, it is very user-friendly and intuitive, both for you and for your visitors. You can easily create and edit your menu bar without coding skills, and your visitors can easily navigate your website with a clear and responsive menu bar. 29c81ba772


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