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C Real - With Or Without You


In October 2004, C:Real released their fourth studio album titled Hilia Hronia (A thousand years). The album featured a more "western" sound and contained 12 tracks.[3] One of the tracks featured fellow Greek singer Giannis Vardis and was named "Etsi Kanoun Oi Kardies". In December 2005, the album was re-released with the addition of two new songs: "Etsi M'Aresei Na Zo" (That's how I like to live) and "Meine Dipla Mou" (Stay next to me) with the first becoming a radio hit.[2]

C:Real signed with Heaven Music in early 2008 and on March 31, 2008, they released their sixth studio album titled Invain.[2] It contained ten tracks: seven in Greek and three in English. The first single was titled "Ksehase To" (Forget it) and it was released in February around the time that C:Real announced signing with Heaven. A music video of the song was created and described as being cartoonish.[7] To promote the album, on April 2, 2008, they performed it live at club "Fuzz". The evening was organized by Germanos Stores, Sony Ericsson and Heaven Live.[7] C:Real also planned a three-month tour of Greece for summer 2008 starting on June 7 and continuing through September 17. The last concert was very large and in Larissa. The tour focused on Invain, but also featured songs from C:Real's older albums.[8]

C:Real parted ways with Heaven Music and re-signed with Sony Music Greece in June 2010. Their upcoming studio album is tentatively scheduled for release in October 2010.[9] In November 2010, a message on the groups Facebook fan page by founder Takis Damashis announced that lead vocalist Irini Douka has decided to depart from the band, choosing to embark on a solo career instead.[10] Damashis stated that Irini is a big part of C:Real's history, and deserves respect.[11] Furthermore, Damashis stated that if they choose to stay together, they will pick a new lead singer that has a totally different voice and look than Irini.[10] He elaborated that the group would have a totally different image and sound, and would not be a bad copy of their former version.[11]

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Ruta tells NPR's Rachel Martin that she didn't realize the extent of her mother's drug problem until she was in her teens. "That's when I found out she was doing heroin," Ruta says. "Before that, she'd had this brief period of sobriety in which she was going to Harvard extension school, she had aspirations to maybe become a psychiatrist ... she had big dreams, and she was working really hard, she worked as a manicurist, and so I sort of fell into this dream that my mom and I were both movin' on up."

There was trouble lurking in the background: Ruta's


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