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Comprender Al Ave De Presa: A Comprehensive Guide to Raptors by Nick Fox

Comprender Al Ave De Presa: A Comprehensive Guide to Raptors by Nick Fox

If you are interested in raptors, whether as a biologist, a falconer, a conservationist, or a bird lover, you will find Comprender Al Ave De Presa (Understanding the Bird of Prey) by Nick Fox to be an invaluable resource. This book is the most complete and updated compendium on raptors published to date, covering their morphology, flight, reproduction, behavior, hunting strategies, and relationship with humans.

Comprender Al Ave De Presa Nick Fox Pdf


Nick Fox is a biologist, rehabilitator, falconer, conservationist and bird lover who shares his solid knowledge in an entertaining and intelligible way. He explains the anatomy and physiology of raptors, their domestic breeding and artificial insemination, their maintenance and equipment in captivity, and their psychology and ethology. He also addresses ethical issues such as the contribution of falconry to conservation, the hybridization of raptors, the escapes of captive birds, and the human-wildlife conflict.

The book is translated and commented by Fernando FeÃs, a renowned Spanish falconer and raptor expert. It contains illustrations in black and white and color, and measures 22 x 28.5 cm. It is hardcover and has 440 pages. It was published by CaÃrel Ediciones in 2003.

You can find Comprender Al Ave De Presa by Nick Fox in PDF format online at various websites[^1^] [^2^] [^3^], or you can buy a physical copy from bookstores or online retailers. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn more about these fascinating birds.

One of the most interesting chapters of the book is the one that deals with the flight of raptors. Nick Fox explains in detail the structure and function of the wings, the different types of flight (flapping, gliding, soaring, hovering, etc.), and the factors that affect flight performance (weight, drag, lift, thrust, etc.). He also describes how raptors use thermals, wind currents, and topography to optimize their flight and save energy.

Another chapter that will captivate the readers is the one that explores the hunting strategies of raptors. Nick Fox analyzes how raptors use their senses (vision, hearing, smell), their intelligence, and their physical abilities to locate, pursue, and capture their prey. He also compares the different hunting methods of raptors (stooping, diving, chasing, ambushing, etc.), and how they vary depending on the habitat, the prey type, and the raptor species.

The book also offers a comprehensive overview of the reproduction of raptors in captivity and in the wild. Nick Fox discusses the factors that influence the breeding success of raptors (nutrition, health, genetics, environment, etc.), and the techniques that are used to improve it (artificial insemination, cross-fostering, imprinting, etc.). He also explains how to design and build suitable aviaries and nests for raptors, how to incubate and hatch eggs, how to rear and train young birds, and how to prevent and treat common diseases and injuries. 29c81ba772


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