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How to use NetSupport School 12 Full 11 to manage your classroom

How to use NetSupport School 12 Full 11 to manage your classroom

NetSupport School 12 Full 11 is a classroom management software that allows teachers to monitor, control, and interact with their students' computers. It also provides tools for assessment, collaboration, and instruction. In this article, we will show you how to use some of the features of NetSupport School 12 Full 11 to enhance your teaching and learning experience.

netsupport school 12 full 11

Connecting to students

To connect to your students' computers, you need to install NetSupport School on both the teacher and student machines. You can use the deployment tool to locate and deploy NetSupport School to selected machines[^1^]. You can also use PowerShell commands to execute remote installation[^2^]. Once installed, you can launch the NetSupport School Tutor console on your computer and choose one of the connection modes: Room mode, Browse mode, or PC mode. Room mode allows you to connect to a predefined group of students based on their location. Browse mode allows you to search for students by name, IP address, or other criteria. PC mode allows you to connect to students by entering their machine names or IP addresses manually.

Monitoring students

Once connected, you can view and manage your students' activities from the Tutor console. You can see thumbnails of their screens, zoom in on a selected screen, or view multiple screens in a slideshow. You can also record the screen activity of a student or the whole class for later review. You can control the applications and websites that your students can access, and block or limit their internet usage. You can also lock their keyboards and mice, blank their screens, or send them messages.

Instructing students

NetSupport School 12 Full 11 also provides various tools for delivering instruction and engaging your students. You can stream a virtual whiteboard to your students' computers and use annotation tools to draw or write on it[^2^]. You can also share your desktop, selected applications, or videos with your students, or show them a presentation. You can use the audio mode to broadcast your voice or play audio files to your students. You can also create interactive quizzes and surveys to test your students' knowledge and get feedback.

Collaborating with students

Another feature of NetSupport School 12 Full 11 is the ability to facilitate collaboration and group work among your students. You can divide your class into groups and assign each group a leader who can share their screen with other group members. You can also chat with each group or join their audio conversation. You can send files and resources to individual students or groups, or collect files from them. You can also launch applications or websites on their computers remotely.

Assessing students

Finally, NetSupport School 12 Full 11 helps you assess your students' progress and performance. You can use the Q&A mode to ask questions to your students individually or in teams, and award points for correct answers. You can also use the Student Journal feature to create a record of the lesson activities, notes, resources, and outcomes for each student. You can export the journal as a PDF file and share it with your students or parents. You can also generate reports on various aspects of your students' behavior, such as attendance, application usage, internet history, quiz scores, and more.


NetSupport School 12 Full 11 is a powerful and versatile classroom management software that can help you enhance your teaching and learning experience. It allows you to monitor, control, instruct, collaborate, and assess your students from one console. It also supports various platforms and devices, such as Windows[^1^] [^4^], Chrome[^2^], Mac[^1^], iOS[^1^], Android[^1^], Linux[^1^], Raspberry Pi[^1^], and more. To learn more about NetSupport School 12 Full 11, you can visit their website[^1^] or download a free trial[^1^]. 29c81ba772


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