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Time Lapse Subtitles Hungarian


This timelapse comprises approximately 21 375 images of Earth captured by Alexander from the International Space Station orbiting at 400 km altitude and shown 12.5 times faster than actual speed. The images were taken from the European-built Cupola observatory on 6 October 2018.

Western Animation Ling-Ling in Drawn Together is a Pokémon parody who speaks in incomprehensible "Japorean," gibberish that is supposed to be Japanese and Engrish. His subtitles also often contain Engrish as well. Once, when a Comedy Central banner for The Daily Show blocked his subtitles, Captain Hero started talking about Jon Stewart, implying they only understood him through his subtitles. It became a running gag in one episode where numerous banners would block his subtitles. This made everyone he talked to, including Ling-Ling's own father, stare at the bottom of the screen in utter confusion since they could no longer understand what he was talking about. In a non-banner-related gag, Ling-Ling said something that ended with "something something are." The subtitle said "who we really L". The Season 3 finale did an inversion of Translation: "Yes". Ling-Ling responded to a question with "Yes. Yes I am.", but his subtitles were incredibly long and flowery. One episode of Family Guy had Peter finding his real father is Irish. At one point, they get involved in a drinking contest, and they end up incoherently slurring, with subtitles telling what they are talking about. At one point, the subtitles read "?????????". Another episode has two Brazilian men jumping out of a crashing plane and cursing at each other as they parachute to the ground. The subtitles are in Korean. Accurate Korean, mind you. The men were discussing how they were going to die and whether or not they had closed their garage door that morning. When Quagmire first sees Joan (Peter's maid-for-a-week), he has a quick fantasy of himself and Joan in a The Lord of the Rings forest setting, including the use of Elvish. Quagmire's really long line translates simply to "Giggity." In "It's a Trap!", the Family Guy parody of Return of the Jedi, Jabba's command to throw Luke into the Sarlacc pit has the subtitle "Put him in" when he says "Meelar Kooniss". Mila Kunis is the voice of Meg Griffin, who was playing the part of the Sarlacc. Later, he says "Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada! Mocha Choca lata ya ya!", which is subtitled "Somebody help me! I'm being choked to death!" In "Trump Guy", Lois mentions that "People hate a liar, just like closed-captioning stenographers hated the Sleepy Hollow guy for some reason." The scene then cuts away to a scene from the show's pilot, with Tom Mison's dialogue being translated into lines like "I steal Poops and put theM in my butt." In the Looney Tunes short "Wackiki Wabbit", Bugs Bunny greets two castaways with a long line of faux-Polynesian gibberish, which the subtitles translate as "What's up, Doc?" He follows that with a short phrase, with the subtitles reading "Now is the time for every good man to come to the aid of his party." When one of the castaways says, "Gee, thanks", faux-Polynesian subtitles appear beneath, causing his friend to comment, "Did you say that?" Disneyland: the First 50 Years, a short film showing at the titular theme park and starring Steven Martin and Donald Duck, at one point uses subtitles to translate the latter's barely-intelligible speech. Donald notices the subtitles and begins arguing with them and the accompanying narrator voice-over. Finally, he grabs a giant mallet, stalks off-screen, and thrashes the interloper, with randomly flying letters and punctuation indicating the severity of the beating. Animaniacs did this a couple times. They seem to be able to interact with and alter them as well; one sketch has them altering "These are typical Earth creatures." to "Are these typical Earth creatures?" and immediately making bizarre faces. The same short has them change "No" to "No Problem". They once sat around and MSTed


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