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Can You Buy Cigarettes With A Visa Gift Card

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Can You Buy Cigarettes With A Visa Gift Card

What is the Wawa Rewards Program?The Wawa Rewards Program lets you earn Wawa Rewards coupons for every U.S. $50 spent on *eligible Wawa purchases using the Wawa App, Wawa Rewards Key Card or a registered Wawa Gift Card. With your permission, we may also automatically enter you in certain Wawa sweepstakes. Our Wawa Rewards members have the opportunity to not only earn rewards for qualified purchases, but will also have exclusive access to Mobile Ordering, Bonus Rewards, and other benefits.*Non-eligible items include fuel, sour cream, eggnog, all varieties of fluid milk and cream, tobacco, alcohol, coupon redemptions, delivery tips/fees, Wawa catering purchases and applicable taxes. The purchase of alcohol products, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, gift cards and pre-paid cards using a registered Wawa Gift Card may be prohibited by Wawa in its sole discretion. For more information about Wawa Gift Cards, please refer to the Wawa Gift Card Rules and Wawa Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: Once your account is closed you will no longer be able to redeem any rewards. Your Wawa gift card balance will still be available for use if you have the plastic card ONLY. Please be sure to use your gift card balance in full before closing your account.

I deleted the Wawa app from my device. What happens to my account and/or gift cards? If you downloaded a new version of the mobile app, you can log into your account using the same email address/password combination you have used previously.If you no longer want to use the mobile app, you can choose to keep your account active and access your rewards by navigating to to manage your account.Either way, all existing information, communication preferences and settings will remain in-place within your account. Your Wawa Gift Card balance will also be updated. Any rewards offers that remain will still be present as long as they have not expired.

I made an eligible purchase at a Wawa store but it is not reflected in my Wawa Rewards account! We are unable to add purchase credit to your account after the time of the transaction. Therefore, it is so important to have your Wawa Rewards card/app with you while you are shopping in our stores. Please be sure to scan your Rewards bar code or use your registered Wawa Gift Card to earn rewards on all your eligible purchases.

When do I need to scan my Rewards card?You will need to scan your Rewards barcode (on the app or on your keychain) during each purchase for eligible items to count towards dollars spent until your next reward. Once the Rewards barcode is scanned, you can pay anyway for your purchase (cash, credit, debit card).If you signed up to receive tobacco eligible discounts, your rewards barcode will need to be scanned at register to receive those discounts.If you pay with a registered Wawa Gift Card, you do not need to scan both Rewards and Gift Cards. Once your Wawa Gift Card is scanned, you will earn towards your Rewards.

How do I pay for my mobile order?You can skip the line and pay for your mobile order directly in the app with a Wawa gift card, major credit card, Apple or Google Pay. You can also pay for your mobile order when you arrive at the store.

Do I have to register the Rewards Key Card?The card must be registered to your Wawa Rewards account if you want to earn rewards on eligible purchases. You can receive tobacco discounts without registration; however, registering can allow us to communicate when discounts are available.

What if I lose my Rewards Key Card or my card is lost or damaged? No problem! You can pick up another card at the store. If the lost/damaged card was registered to your Wawa Rewards account, remember to update your account with the new Rewards Key Card number on or the Wawa App. This will ensure any purchases made using the new key card will count towards your earned rewards.

Do I have to scan the Rewards Key Card


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