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Elevator Speeches, Legislator Relationships, Discrimination, Mental Health Topics in the News

Find your NH Senator, NH Representative, US Senator and/or  US Representative.

Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group to influence decisions within political and social institutions. It includes activities and publications to influence public policy, laws and budgets by using facts, their relationships, the media and messaging to educate government officials and the public. Advocacy can include media campaigns, public speaking, etc. Social media can facilitate civic engagement and collective action. An advocate provides advocacy support to people who need it.

Source: Wikipedia

Develop an Elevator Speech

Briefly Inform Legislators!

Why did you join the NH Mental Health Peer Alliance? What is your personal story? Why do equal rights and advocating for a recovery-based mental health system matter to you?

Contact Legislators

Call! Write! Email! Petition! Meet!

Would you prefer to call, write, email, petition or meet your legislators? Contact them on a variety of issues that are important to you!

Address Discrimination

Reframe Mental Health Issues!

Learn how to reframe mental health issues to address discrimination.

Track Mental Health in the News

Stay Informed!

Stay informed about mental health topics in the news.

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