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Frequently Asked Questions

Source: Consumer Council System of Maine

When and where does the NH Mental Health Peer Alliance meet?

We gather remotely. Contact Ken Lewis at (603) 809-7884 for more information. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm. Visit the Calendar page for the meeting links.

What ages are served by peer support agencies?

Each peer support agency serves people 18 years of age and older with mental health conditions who reside in the region.

Are NH Mental Health Peer Alliance meetings open to the public?

Yes. All meetings are open to the public. We also hold frequent Advocacy Workgroup meetings, during which we focus on our action plan and strategic communication plan. Contact Ken Lewis at (603) 809-7884 for more information.

Can the Peer Alliance help me with my case manager, therapist or psychiatrist appointments? What about transportation to appointments or medication management?

No. The Peer Alliance acts as an independent voice in the development of public policy and funding decisions.

Can providers or non-peers attend meetings?

Any community member is welcome! Non-peers do not have voting rights. but anyone who self-identifies as a past-or-present user of mental-health services may vote at meetings.

What do I do if I don't have transportation?

Many of our Peer Alliance meetings are accessible via teleconference or virtually. Contact Ken Lewis (603) 809-7884 for more information.

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