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Advocate: Elevator Speeches, Legislator Relationships, Discrimination, Mental Health in the News

What is advocacy? It is an activity by which individuals or groups influence decisions within political and social institutions.

What are elevator speeches? They are brief ways to inform legislators in 30 seconds to 2 minutes of your story and how it relates to the mission of the NH Mental Health Peer Alliance. Visit the Develop an Elevator Speech page for more information.

How do you build relationships with legislators? Call. Write. Email. Petition. Contact them on a variety of issues that are important to you. Visit the Contact Legislators page for more information.

How do you address discrimination? Learn how to reframe stigma as discrimination, a more widely-understood concept. Visit the Address Discrimination page for more information.

How do you track mental health in the news? The NH Mental Health Peer Alliance helps you stay informed about mental health topics in the news. Visit the Track Mental Health in the News page for more information.

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